Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Project

Project Title: Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET).    

Front End Language: PHP

Back End Database: PostgreSQL

Operating system: Red Hat Linux 9.0

DescriptionComputerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Final Year project built over the open source platform, automates the process of conducting internal examinations for engineering students.

It has log-in form where it can accept user login information (username and password), then authenticates the user, upon the successful login authentication, it gives those privileges for which he/she is authorized for.

Here the user can be a student or a head of the department (admin). The student uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) to write an exam and views his/her examination result.

Head of The Department uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET)  to view students’ performance and to generate reports.

For the project development, we used spiral process model, where we had started with initial Business requirement designs, and went parallel with the technical designs and reviews, coding, and finally testing.

Download Computerized Internal Evaluation Test Project Code.


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