Computer Automated Dryer for Thin Layer Grain Drying

This Computer Automated Dryer for Thin Layer Grain Drying project report presents the design and manufacture of laboratory model of a computer automated dryer for thin layer drying of grain. A blower forces air through the grains in the oven. Various process parameters of the corresponding sensors are acquired at specific intervals for a period of time a PCL-207 card interfaces to other Pc. The temperature of the drying chamber is kept constant by triggering a thyristor with different ignition with the PCL-207 card, which controls the input voltage to the heater. Weight of sample-time curves plotted at different temperatures, and the results are satisfactory.

The basic purpose of drying grain is to reduce its moisture content to a level acceptable for safe storage. Conventional dryers use bulk quantity of grain for drying. Even the Laboratory model fabricated for drying operation is voluminous. Moreover, many of its operations are manual and hence, less accurate. For the purpose of study of the property of grain drying, one needs a single-kernel or at best a thin layer drying process. The aim of the present work is to design and fabricate a laboratory model of computer automated dryer for the study of thin layer grain drying process.

There are various types of diagrams available in this report which will explain the clear idea of the project. The diagrams names are Schematic representation of the setup, Block diagram of data acquisition scheme, Additional signal processing circuit, Block diagram of temperature control scheme, Synchronisation circuit, Thyristor firing circuit etc.


The laboratory model was an automatic dryer for drying a thin layer of corn developed and tested. The dryer is easily the variables of the various processes controlled temperature automatically. The software has the flexibility to make the drying process for some time to get it upright. The results are consistent with those in the literature. Compared to conventional dryers, it is less cumbersome and more accurate.

Download Computer Automated Dryer for Thin Layer Grain Drying Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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