Coin Sensing Automated Toll Gate Abstract

COIN SENSING AUTOMATED TOLL GATE Projects main idea is to design a coin box which can be placed in a position so that it is visible for the driver of any vehicle. There will be an opening to insert a coin. The coin sensors are placed at that opening. When a vehicle enters the path a message will be displayed on the LCD stating “PLEASE INSERT A COIN”. When the coin was dropped into the coin box the motor will rotate in a specific direction so as the Toll gate can be opened. As soon as the vehicle was leaves the path the stepper motor rotates in the opposite direction to make the gate close. This project is designed to make unattended or unmanned automated toll tax stations at check barriers or ochre check posts. 

We are using IR transmitter and IR receiver in to identify the coin dropping. When ever a user drops a coin in the box there will be an interrupt to the signal for the IR transmitter and receiver. This works as an identification to conform that the coin has been inserted. 

This can be used as an application where there is a need to collect Toll Fee for the vehicles that travel through it. This is helpful as it does not require any manpower and helps Toll companies to reduce the expenditure.  

download Coin Sensing Automated Toll Gate Abstract. 

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  1. kindly send the circuit diagram nd source code if possible in assembly to the mail mentioned… its urgent .. we neeed to submit a project in 10 days nd i want to try something new..

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