Project Overview:

This project is being designed to provide the information about the colleges in AndhraPradesh.   AndhraPradesh is a state where there are more and more opportunities to those people who wishes to join different courses of studies. This site is being designed to provide that information to those people about the opportunities available in A.P comfortable fashion. The new education policy of Government of AndhraPradesh provides with much more opportunities by increasing the number of seats per course per college, which will provide the much larger opportunities for the education lovers.

 This site not only gives the information about education opportunities available in ANDHARA PRADESH but also the progress of the state in InformationTechnology.

System Specification:

The system on which the College Management System project developed has the following configuration.

Hardware Specifications:

            Main Memory: 128MB.

            Microprocessor: Pentium –III.

            Hard Disk Drive: 4.3 GB.

            Cache Memory: 512KB.

Software Specifications:

            Operating System: Windows 98/NT.

            Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio, VB

            Back End: SQL Server 2000. 

Download College Management System VB CSE Final Year Project With Code