Capturing Router Congestion Seminar Topic

Capturing-Router-Congestion-Seminar-TopicCapturing Router Congestion seminar topic explains about reasons behind packet delay in network due to rooter, this topic covers congestion issues and packet queuing problems.

Performance in a network is calculated based on the time lapse of the packet travelling from one end to other end through internet protocol. Reason behind packet delay is due to hardware elements used for routing packets among them single IP routers are the main hardware elements which cause packet delay in the network.

This seminar topic will cover three points of views on packet delay because of single IP router in a network of first tier provider.


  • Basic understanding on the issue.
  • Measurements
  • Reporting

           There are many analysis provided on packet delay at the end of network but none of them had clear solution on accurate congestion measurement. Few studies had mentioned basic problems on packet delay causing at switching elements.

download Capturing Router Congestion Seminar Topic paper presentation.

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