Bookshop Management System VB Project with Source Code

This project Bookshop System explains how Book Shops works with the computer application when any customers buy books from the store.

This Project developed for Rama Krishna Book House in India where the Previous book shop management system was taken care and known of all Books Names, price, author, Quantity of the books, Ordering new books, payments, employee salary, and other things.

Here we are providing the following VB windows application to provide all included and automated features to the admin of the book shop. Admin no need to know more details about each book, if the user wants any book then admin searches in his system using this application and will come to know the price values, the quantity of the book and author name.

The below Billing Management system VB source code explains about how the billing section & payment processing works.

The below Books Manager web form source code includes the below options to the administrator

  1. Please enter a valid book name
  2. Please enter a valid Author
  3. Please enter a currency
  4. Please enter a valid Price
  5. Please enter a currency
  6. Please enter a valid Price
  7. Please enter a valid Discount
  8. Please enter a valid ISBN Number
  9. Please select a valid Category
  10. Please Select a valid quantity

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