Civil Project Report On Wind From Sun Power Plant

This Civil Project Report On Wind From Sun Power Plant is about obtaining wind using sun power. Wind from the Sun is a new method for producing energy from solar and wind. Energy from sun light is converted into heat by a large solar collector. The solar collector heats the air above it and the heated air rises. Cooler air moves to replace the rising warm air and the cycle begins. Continually solar collector heats the air which rises and is replaced by cooler air. The warm rising air decreases the air pressure above the collector.

The rising warm air over the collector has a lower air pressure than cold air over the land of the collectors. A large diameter pipe or “air duct” connect lower air pressure in the middle of the collector, a higher air pressure, a short distance from the collector.  Air moves from high to low air pressure through the air channel.  Inside the air duct, convert pressure-staged wind turbines of the wind mechanical energy into electricity.

This energy can be harvested by wind turbines. A Wind from the Sun power plant would simulate this same type of system that occurs in nature, but with a greater degree of control and certainty. This will result in a more reliable wind with a higher average wind speed.


In conclusion we can say that, this type of system produces some power. The sun warms the collector, which heats the air. The higher the air temperature, the air expands, causing the air pressure. Air must be from high to low pressure through the air duct and past the wind mills on the production of energy to move. A sea breeze works much the same way and produce significant winds. Alternate Design of the report is to increase efficiency, place air channel so that one end is over a large body of water. The water will be much cooler than the collector and will increase the air pressure difference along the air channel.

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