Call Center Shift Allotment Report

A big rapid growth happened in the technical and business outsourcing sector  in India at the dawn of new millennium and as a result call centers came up  in huge rate opening up a large no: of employment opportunities in this field. A call center is basically an off shore help line Centre which handle customer care calls hundreds of miles away.  The main reason because of which call centers grew in India was the low employee wage here, moreover Indians could adapt to the foreign English accent more than any other people in the world. Call center is a big business, lots of managerial decisions takes place every day. A large no: of employees would be working on shift basis ensuring there is no hiccups in the working of this company. These employees are divided into many designations such as call executives, floor manager, technical executives etc., theirincomevaried depending on their post they were in & performance in the office. These employees are allocated work in shifts and the task for each one is assigned separately by the managers.  This task building will help in achieving organizational and operational goals of the company.

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The main processes in a call center:

  • Deciding the software setup and structure
  • Appointing employees under various designation
  • Allocating shifts and assigns tasks, also changing shift timings
  • Performs admin duties such as calculating wages per work
  • Calculating Revenue from the calls attended by an executive

This project mainly used to generate reports regarding the work undertaken by each employee in a shift. All the details of the employee such as name, address etc. are recorded. The employees for each shift are allocated carefully and the shift start date and end date would be specified during the shift entry. The log details of each employee is noted daily and their work details such as calls attended, points earned, results etc. are recorded and various reports are generated on this behalf. This will help in building a better relation with an employee and at the same time ensures proper working of the call center.

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