Cab Booking Management System Final Year Project

The main aim of developing this Cab Booking Management System Final Year Project is to give an automated web-based tool for cab agencies for their daily business. Nowadays all companies are providing cabs for their employee pick up and drop off. This tool can help for an employee traveling management. In this post, we are providing code for Employee details.

Download the Cab Booking Management System Final Year B Tech/ BE/ M Tech/ MCA/ ME/ MS Project.

Find the below source code for the Employee details web form which contains the employee identification number, employee designation, salary details, company joining details, phone number, and personal & professional email id.

Download the Cab booking System PHP & MySQL Project Here.

About Online Cab Service

Online cab service is an online cab booking system that helps all cab drivers and passengers. Cab drivers are unable to find the passengers every time and similarly, passengers are also unable to find cabs at the necessary time. People can easily find cabs and so cab drivers find
This website is for online cab booking (4-wheeled vehicles).

This website will have one signup page for cab drivers where the cab drivers can be added, can see recent information like who is picked by whom, what’s the notifications (receives location) of the receiver (the people you are going to pick up).and active status (Like how many cab drivers are available now and who are available too).

Download Online Cab Booking Service PHP & MySQL Project.


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