Final Year Project Report on Hospital Management System

Introduction to Hospital Management System Project:

The hospital management system was developed using C#, MS visual studio, MS office, SQL server. In this system no of doctors and no of available room and patients admit/discharge are maintained.


  • Records of patients are kept and appointments are made according to schedule so that the patients can meet doctors in right it is convenient for both doctor and patient.
  • Prescriptions provided by doctor are kept in records
  • Medicine department records are kept for patients convince about the medicines that he need.
  • Details about consultants and prescriptions and all details are stored. 


The first module is IPD in patient details. These module compromises of the patient details about his illness and bed allocated to him whether he is admitted in general ward or ICU all the details are collected.

OPD outpatient details. These patients often visit the hospital for regular checkup they are not admitted patients. They are the patients with some fever, muscular pain and some disease.

Billing Module: This module contains information about billing that is amount paid by the patient and the remaining balance amount it contains both IPD and OPD. The billing is made on complete chart of diagnosis.

View Module: In this module details of every patient can be known with single name the details may include his name age sex and the disease from he was suffering. By patient ID we can also Know all his details.

Employee Module:  this module contains information about the staff working in hospital like Doctor, Nurses, Ward Boys, Receptionists, Peon, and Cleaning Staff.


The security is very necessary in today’s world. Because intruders can hack all the information so an ADMIN ID/Password is provided to protect the data safe. These admin rights are given to the Right full person.

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