Biometric Attendance Applications For Colleges

  • Project Name: Biometric Attendance Applications For Colleges

  • Software Tools:    Technologies:.Net Technologies and SQL Server 2005 Database

Project Description:    The main objective of developing Biometric Attendance Applications For Colleges Electronics final year project is to provide college attendance for students in college and schools. The advantage of this application is to provide finger print based system. The students should give their finger prints before entering into college. This attendance project has implemented on Windows OS using .Net Framework and SQL Server under Microsoft visual studio 2010.

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  1. hi shan , i need your project so please contact me as soon as possible cz i am also a final year student
    contact me – 8744041408

  2. Hello,
    I am yash, i need this project for my final year submission. request you to please send it to through my email.

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