Online Attendance Management System in Asp.Net Project Source Code

Online attendance management system project is implemented in the platform. Here you can download the entire project source code and the step-by-step procedure for executing this project.

This project can automate the attendance system in every educational institute. In the existing system, attendance is maintained in records, in this process time taken for updating information is high.

Using this online attendance system faculty should log in into the system and gets his/her timetable.  Faculty should log into a system and take attendance by selecting the period timetable.

ER Diagram of Attendance Management System:

Details updated in this system will be stored in the database so updating, deleting, and modifying details will be easy.

Here you can download the complete project.

online attendance management system in project source code and project abstract.

27 Replies to “Online Attendance Management System in Asp.Net Project Source Code”

  1. i have to create a project for attendance management, i have to store the information about each employee whether working for a full or half day or overtime.and the information regarding the above details of all the employees has to be stored on a single button click. is it possible? can any one please suggest me.. i have to use using vb in my program

  2. I am working on attendance management system using c#… i am assigned to do a daily basis attendance module for BCA dept. where each lecturer has to login and put attendance to his particular subjects by selecting the semester and also student id …when 1 faculty login’s the other faculty login should be dissabled….so can u please tell or send me the code to implement this……..Thank u.

  3. I downloaded this online attendance management sytem project but username and password is not there?
    How to get logged in?

  4. plz help me to execute online attendance management system,plzz send all the steps for execition of this project on my email,i got login window but i m unable to log in

  5. I downloaded this project. It showed login page. It doesn’t have username and password.. Plz guide me to access this project…

  6. I want to create a project on online attendance management system where only teacher can login and take attendance according to subject and period and i want in this project that any student can check of it’s own attendance in percent but does not modify. And one thing is that i want to create this project in PHP language using the joomla cms plz help me…. It’s my contact no 08685977323

  7. For User name and password,

    Just Check the Database. In faculty name table


    U_Name Pass
    as as
    jg jg
    sw sw

  8. Hey Sir/Madam
    This Gebremedhin.
    I have been download an attendance system Developed by ASP.NET.
    I got it very important for my project.

    so please tell me the Faculty Code & its Password for the project named: (Online Attendance Management System in Asp.Net Project Source Code) via my email.
    thank you
    with regards

  9. Hi there, hope u r doing well… i have seen and downloaded “online Attendance Management System”. but i couldn’t login into the system as i don’t know Username and Password….
    yours Dereje
    my email address is: [email protected]

  10. plzz guide me with steps to do college managment system…. and plz let me knw the username and password for login page …plz reply..urgently needed..! thnks..!

  11. i want to develop school management system in please help me to develop web using c# if u have some code then send me

  12. need any project in php dotent ( java html or any software groccery shop medical shop or any billing software.

  13. I want to create online attendance management system using visual studio and database management system,just need the coding for reference.

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