Basic Concepts of Cloud Computing Architechture

Now we can discuss about cloud computing Architecture with a real world example to get a clear understanding about it.

Aryn started Home delivery of pizzas on the order from Customers. He is worried about how to deliver the pizzas on time and how to manage the pizza delivery. He is also concerned about hiring the drivers and keeping the bikes running. But the below scenario makes him worried.

He is a pizza delivery person and not a mechanic – delivery is a distraction. With his limited budget, maintaining the deliveries costs a lot.  His business suffers when he can’t keep up the deliveries as he has promised to give 20% of deduction on total amount of the bill, whenever the delivery is late. It is difficult for him to estimate about how many bikes are required based on deliveries. Then he came to know about the new kind of Delivery Company of bikes and drivers. He can use the services provided by this company, on as need basis and pay only for what he uses. Now he can depend on that company to handle the deliveries.

A few years later his business expanded to more branches and started with new problems as well. It is difficult for him to maintain all the software’s and data in local servers which costs a lot. His business is constantly running out of storage space and fixing broken servers. Then he came to know about cloud computing, which gives a solution to his problem. Instead of maintaining all the data and software’s at local machines, he can now depend on another company which provides all the features that he requires and are accessible through the Web. At the same time his data is secure, backed up at another location. “This is called Cloud Computing”.

Cloud computing means computers don’t have to limit business. Business can grow without worry as Cloud companies have nearly unlimited storage and resources, as well as information is safe because the servers are normally backed up in multiple locations. Aryn is happy as he is using cloud computing and he pays only for what he uses. If his business grows, then his computing costs will also go high and vice versa.

Cloud computing gives us new kinds of services from emails to word processing or photo sharing etc that live in the cloud. For example  when he needs a new billing system, he  can go for  installing and supporting one on-site, or he can use  a product that lives in the cloud and works using his web browser.

Imagine if there is a weighted developed web application that would lower costs and increases users’ scalability. This is how web applications are curly? developed. Databases and business logic’s are build. Web servers are procured improvising to handle PC’s allowed. When ever corporations connect load balancing ladders and then finally users are connected to the web application.

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