B-Tech/M-tech Embedded IEEE (2014-2015) projects list

(All the below projects are developed with ARM-7 LPC-2148)

  1. Real-Time Walking Pattern Generation Method for Humanoid Robots by Combining Feedback and Feed forward Controller. (IEEE-2014)
  2. A Decentralized Cooperative Control Scheme with Obstacle Avoidance for a Team of Mobile Robots. (IEEE-2014)
  3. Color Control System for RGB LED with Application to Light Sources Suffering From Prolonged Aging. (IEEE-2014)
  4. Design and Implementation of an Optimized Double Closed-Loop Control System for MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope. (IEEE-2014)
  5. Distributed Ultrasonic Zoned Presence Sensing System. (IEEE-2014)
  6. Mobile Robot Localization Using the Phase of Passive UHF RFID Signals. (IEEE-2014)
  7. Toward the Design of Control Algorithms for a Photovoltaic Equalizer Choosing the Optimal Switching Strategy and the Duty Cycle. (IEEE-2014)
  8. Translation Based KLT Tracker Under Severe Camera Rotation Using GPSINS Data. (IEEE-2014)
  9. Design of a low cost helmet mounted dead reckoning navigation system (IEEE-2014)
  10. A Robust Indoor Pedestrian Tracking System with Sparse Infrastructure Support. (IEEE-2013)
  11. An indoor dead-reckoning algorithm with map matching. (IEEE-2013)
  12. Application of Hall Effect sensor A study on the influences of sensor placement. (IEEE-2013)
  13. ARM Hardware Plaform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking. (IEEE-2013)
  14. Biometric Authentication Using Mouse Gesture Dynamics. (IEEE-2013)
  15. Continuous Authentication Using Behavioral Biometrics. (IEEE-2013)
  16. Data-logger built using a digital multimeter and virtual instrumentation. (IEEE-2013)
  17. Design and implementation of an inertial navigation system for pedestrians based on a low-cost MEMS IMU. (IEEE-2013)
  18. Design and Implementation of Real-time Embedded Tele-Health Monitoring System. (IEEE-2013)
  19. Fingerprint Combination for Privacy Protection. (IEEE-2013)
  20. Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication. (IEEE-2013)
  21. Hardware implementation of GPRS enabled embedded server for remote access terminal. (IEEE-2013)
  22. Mobile application for driver’s health status remote monitoring. (IEEE-2013)
  23. Path tracking controller design of hexapod robot for omni-directional gaits. (IEEE-2013)
  24. Wireless sensor network for real-time air pollution monitoring. (IEEE-2013)
  25. Aerodrome Mapping Databases supporting taxi routing functions. (IEEE – 2013)
  26. ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking. (IEEE-2013)
  27. Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) using LED-LDR Assembly. (IEEE-2013)
  28. Wireless Material handling robot controlling through Zigbee by designing menu system in MATLAB.
  29. Developments of the in-home display systems for residential energy   Monitoring. (IEEE-2013)
  30. A smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft. (IEEE-2013)
  31. A Green Solution for Intelligent Metropolitan Heating system with uSD Cards. (IEEE-2013)
  32. The domesticated robot: Design guidelines for assisting older adults to age in place. (IEEE-2013)
  33. Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM. (IEEE-2013)
  34. Design and Implementation of Shaped Magnetic-Resonance-Based Wireless Power Transfer System for Roadway-Powered Moving Electric Vehicles. (IEEE-2013)
  35. Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring. (IEEE-2013)
  36. Wireless Machine-to-Machine Healthcare Solution Using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks. (IEEE-2013)
  37. Human Daily Activity Recognition with Sparse Representation Using Wearable Sensors. (IEEE-2013)
  38. A Low-Complexity ECG Feature Extraction Algorithm for Mobile Healthcare Applications. (IEEE-2013)
  39. A low cost web based remote monitoring system with built-in security feature for vulnerable environments. (IEEE-2013)
  40. A wearable inertial-sensing-based body sensor network for shoulder range of motion assessment. (IEEE-2013)
  41. A wireless electrocardiogram detection for personal health monitoring. (IEEE-2013)
  42. Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles. (IEEE-2013)
  43. Human Postures Recognition Based on D-S Evidence Theory and Multisensor Data Fusion. (IEEE-2013)
  44. CAN protocol implementation in automobile industry using wireless communication MATLAB. (IEEE-2013)
  45. Finger print recognition system with user photo display based MATLAB. (IEEE-2013)
  46. GSM mobile communication implementation using ARM7 and MATLAB signal processing. (IEEE-2013)
  47. A Sophisticated Menu Display and Ordering System for Restaurants using Touch screen. (IEEE-2013)
  48. Development of Airlines assistant for Dumb and Illiterates using Touchscreen and Zigbee. (IEEE-2013)
  49. Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image processing.
  50. Inside pipe crawling robot with Video transmission and head lamp vision.       (IEEE-2013)
  51. Wireless actuated valve opening and closing system that works only at specific locations on earth (Based on GPS). (IEEE-2013)
  52. Universal Remote Controller with Haptic Interface for Customer Electronic Devices. (IEEE-2013)
  53. Autonomous Mobile Platform II with artificial intelligence using digital compass and GPS. (IEEE-2013)
  54. Robot to rescue of a child in a borehole. (IEEE-2013)
  55. An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen with a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm for Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition. (IEEE-2013)
  56. Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone. (IEEE-2013)
  57. Field Variables Monitoring in real time (GPS, soil moisture, temperature) with Precision Farming Applications. (IEEE-2013)
  58. Multisensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System. (IEEE-2013)
  59. Location Cognizant mobile phone signal strength logger into 2GB MMC/SD memory card. (IEEE-2013)
  60. Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired and Blind Person. (IEEE-2013)
  61. Development of Wireless Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospitals for blind/Illiterates. (IEEE-2013)
  62. Manufacture of a Model for MEMS based Incline controlled Touch free Mobile Phone. (IEEE-2013)

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