B.tech CSE Final Year Seminar Report on RFB Protocol

Introduction to RFB Protocol Seminar Topic:

Softwares that help in providing remote access are known as remote desktop softwares which also has the ability for a user to log into a remote computer from any location. This system usually includes a network, a series of computers, and remote access software that connects to a network. This enables connection between servers and clients across a network. For proper communication a protocol is necessary and RFB protocol is such a kind of protocol that is used in the communication process of servers and clients. It makes remote access possible by making the communication process successful. The main purpose of this thesis is to throw a light on the workings of an actual protocol.

At the same it also highlights about several messages of this protocol and also how to send them followed by the interpretation of the clients as well as the server modules. Simple implementation of the protocol is also included in this thesis which showcases various methods and messages. It also shows how the protocol is used for enabling the access of remote system.

Remote frame buffer is the other name used for RFB and it is one of the most efficient and simple protocols that helps in the process if graphical user interface. According to the name it acts at the level of the framebuffer thus making it applicable for applications and windowing systems. With the increased number of various software products and services protocols play an important role nowadays.

A concept of remote computing and remote accessing is given as a basic and messages that are used in the protocol of RFB were listed in details. It also detailed the workings aspects description of RFB protocols that were defined. In the extras, an example of implementation was shown for better protocol understanding. It also makes possible to program a server by anyone. 

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