RFID Based Library Management System Final Year Project Topic for ECE with Report

Introduction to RFID Based Library Management System Project:

The new method for data collection and auto identification is called radio frequency identification of RFID that enable to automate the process of business. It also helps in large number identifications of objects that are tagged using the radio waves. This system base on library management system allow easy transaction flow and also provide long term and immediate benefits for the the library from the aspect of security and tracability.

The UHF RFID readers are the base of this proposed system and it is further supported with antennas and section for transactions. RFID transponders that are used in library cards can easily able to store electronically informations that can be written and read without any kind of help or contact from the radio medium. Here, we will discuss about the experiments that are conducted for RFID that are based on LMS.

The use of RFID in the library section enhances the borrowing speed of books followed by monitoring speed enhancement and speedy increase in the process of book searching. It makes the library staffs free to follow the user service jobs. The performance of this system varies and it depends on the RFID tags and readers. This technology can only be used perfectly if used in the right direction and it completely depends on the kind of information that is to be written on the tag.

The results of the experiments along with the position of the card reader’s, tag positions are represented in this paper. Work is going on to set up the same in the library of CDAC and development in this technology is going on a state will enable to give a capacity of huge memories, reading ranges and processing speed. It will also make work easier and effective for the librarians. This is an ideal project that can access the work of the library. 

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