Asset Management System Project

Asset Management System is an web based application, which is indispensable for all organizations and with an intention of putting the details about all the machinery working in the different assembly lines of a big factory. The Asset management system is primarily implemented in a plant which has multiple assembly lines with heavy machinery working in that.

The machinery will have different characteristics. The attributes related to that machine should be found out and should be entered in the database. The assets can be classified into different type according to the attributes and functions of those machinery. There could be further classification of machines based on their locations also.

The equipment registration takes the details of all the machines in the assembly line. The system may follow a tree structure to classify the types of equipment. The system should be classified to know the correct type pf machinery installed. The levels of classification may vary accordingly as the machine specification varies. The total attribute of the system may be obtained by combining all the information available in the successive layers.

The location of each equipment in a facility can be entered in to the system in hierarchical way. Each equipment should be linked to its own recode. The user can browse through the hierarchical system to identify the particular asset and thereby can access the record related to that asset. The identified machine with a particular specification may be in different locations also. So finding the correct machine and its location is also vital. The data in such hierarchies are stored in linked tables.

The user can first select a system hierarchy and then identify a particular a location of the machine. There shall be no limit to the number of layers in the tree structure. Specific equipment is identified with either number given by the manufacturer in the specification plate given or it can be marked physically. To avoid conflicts an unique ID may be assigned to an asset.

All the technical details regarding the machine are to be entered in the database. Details of the machines have to be entered in the database after designed the tables with all the attributes of the machines.

In this Asset Management System Project having the following modules

1. Decision to Purchase
2. Purchasing and Commissioning
3. Managing the life of the Asset
4. Decommissioning

1. Decision to Purchase

The ability to examine the Asset management database so as to check for

  • Availability of spare assets,
  • Maintenance of an approved Suppliers list
  • Maintenance of an approved Products list

2. Purchasing and Commissioning

In this module the entire stock comes into a business by mode of purchase, purchase department plays a vital role where the needs of other department are to be notified by them. According to each department needs the material (Raw Material / Assets) are purchased by a concern person who is In-charge of the purchase department.

After getting the requirement from the departments ‘Supervisor / In-Charge’ i.e.: home or owner and location, he orders the product to the ‘Vendors’ who provide lesser Quote with Quality.

Then by receiving the ‘Quotation’ from vendor, if he is satisfied with the material and Quality he gives an ‘Order Form’ so that they deliver the material along with “Bill / Invoice and Delivery Challan”.

The products are safe-guarded under Warehouse Department where the each department maintains the details about “Stock In” and “Stock Out”.

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