Human Resource Management System .Net Project


The ultimate aim of this Human Resource Management System project is to automate the entire work of REPS using software.

  1. Admin
  2. Employee
  3. Manager
  4. Account


This section describes the processes to be automated with respect to the Human Resource (HR) department. 


The Admin module contains the some of the Master Setup Process of Information’s. The sub modules presented are listed here.

  • Employee details
  • Previous Experience Details
  • Loan Settings
  • Leave Settings
  • Department Details
  • Holiday Settings
  • Appraisal
  • Promotion
  • Designation Settings
  • Add user
  • Attendance 

Employee Details:

Employee details maintains a database of all the employees personal details. This  data bank helps in tracking changes in salary scales and allowances, Production of appropriate reports, verifying and registering personal details of each and every employee and also  while issuing loans to an employee.

Previous Experience details:

Here to collect the all the Previous experience information about particular employee. This help the HR to track the performance of the employee in the previous company.

Loan Settings:

The loan module walks through the employees salary details and sanctions loan.

Loan is provided by the company based on the annual income of  the individual. This module calculates the EMI for the loan provided and finally it generates a report.

Leave Settings: 

The  Leave  details maintenance help to credit leave to employee accounts, Maintain details on leave availed and required approvals, Maintain details of   leave encashment, Validate details of residual leave.

Appraisal management 

The appraisal module helps the employer in maintaining details of timely performance reports that portrays an employees performance. This module helps in rating the employees skill level and generates appropriate appraisal to employees.

Promotion-details Management

The promotion module helps in keeping track of the experience gained by the employee and generates a list of eligible candidates for promotion. Promotion is awarded according to the performance and seniority.

Department details

The department details module maintains department details of employees.

This helps in work allocation, transfer of  employee from one department to another, Providing promotion and also to examine the performance of  a group of employee.

Holiday Settings

This lists yearly holidays provided for all the employees by the company.

Designation settings

This module maintains all employees’ designation details and defines a work profile to the employee. This provides a clear layout of  the employee’s authorities and responsibilities.

Add user

This allows new users to register.

Attendance management

This module keeps track of each employee’s late arrival and overtime worked by the employee. This keeps an attendance register and captures interface data. A report is generated regarding an employees in time and out time.  

Software Requirements:

Development Environment : Visual Studio.NET

Front End : ASP.NET

Back End : SQL Server

Client Side Scripting : JavaScript

Server Side Script : C#.NET

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