Assessment Analyst Java Project


The main objective is to develop a Assessment Analyst system to conduct online tests in various domains and functional areas. It is a fast evolution of applicant’s skills and abilities. Online examination  for  employees  of  an organization, academic  institutions  and  training  centers. It is a excellent test management, which offers a complete solution for Computer Based Test.

Existing System:

  • The existing Assessment Analyst system is not computerized.
  • We need to conduct the tests manually, evaluate it manually and store the result information in records which is not safe and secure.
  • It is difficult to conduct and evaluate the tests manually.
  • It is also tedious to maintain all the records.

Proposed System:

  • The proposed Assessment Analyst system is fully computerized, which removes drawbacks of existing system and conducts online examination.
  • This type of application is accurate, financially feasible, user friendly and provides information in less time.
  • This system is developed with an eye towards the future and can easily be updated with new features, as needed.
  • By using this system we can conduct two types of tests one is “without negative marking”, and second “with negative marking”.

Modules Description:

  1. Administrator module
  2. User module
  3. Test module

Administrator Module:

  • This module provides administrator related functionalities.
  • Administrator can view, add, delete and edit questions in the question bank.
  • Administrator may allow or ban users.
  • Administrator may view the details of all tests and also the results.
  • Administrator can generate the appropriate reports.

User Module:

  • A user must be registered to allow the services. A user can enroll for an exam on ones chosen subject and domain.
  • The user has the option of opting for negative marks or otherwise.
  • The user can view the result of a test immediately after completion and also view the results, a test includes total marks,correct ans, incorrect ans and unanswered questions.
  • user can view his profile and edit his profile.

Test Module:

  • This module allows the candidate to take the test by choosing a subject of interest.
  • Questions will be generated randomly from the database.
  • To answer each question one minute of time .
  • If the question is not answered then present question is skips and goes to next question.
  • It evaluates the test finally by taking negative & non-negative marking into consideration and displays the result.

Required Software:

  • Server : Apache Tomcat
  • Database : MySql
  • Technology : JAVA/J2EE
  • Server Side Scripting : JSP
  • Client Side Scripting : Java Script
  • Java Version : JDK
  • Web Designing : HTML, DHTML, CSS
  • Editor : Edit plus
  • IDE : My Eclipse

Dataflow diagram for admin:

Class diagram

Usecase diagram:

E-R Diagram:

Output Screen details:

  • User login Page
  • Welcome to online testing
  • Exam without negative marking
  • Start testing
  • Exam with negative marking
  • Testing results
  • Student profile
  • User status
  • Invite a friend
  • User test history
  • Admin login
  • For adding, view, modify & delete select subject
  • Add the questions for testing
    Modify the questions
  • Create new admin login
  • To show user details

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