Robotics in Surgery Seminar Topic for ECE 2012

Introduction to Robotics in Surgery Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about an emerging technology, surgical robotics. Robotic surgery is becoming an important tool in surgical armamentarium.  Most of the researches saying this robotic surgery technology is more feasible. Researchers are still carrying out on this evolving technology and the comparison of this technology with conventional technologies is also taking place rapidly.


Robotics has entered into medicine field slowly but got its own importance with short span of time. To perform transcontinental cholecystectomy, robotic telesurgical medicines are already in use. Initially robotics has entered into market as a replacement of conventional laparoscopic procedures. As the usage of this technology is cost effective, only few of surgeons got trained in robotics to make use of this technology in their routine surgeries.

For a several surgical procedures, FDA has already approved few robotic systems. Many studies are carrying out to evaluate the advantages of robot-assisted surgeries. The usage of robotics system in pediatric laparoscopic surgery is still under investigation.

The main disadvantage of these robotics systems is their cost so cannot use this technology highly in routine surgeries. The enhanced vision of these systems is highly remarkable. Unlike the conventional laparoscopic camera views, this system has 3-dimensional view with depth perception.

These systems have the capability to scale movements so that the large movements of the control grips can be converted into micro motions inside the patient. These systems help to make impossible surgeries also into more feasible.

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Robotic surgery is still in its evolving state. This paper discussed about the current role of robotics in surgery and its future. Robotic technology improves and expands laparoscopic procedures and brings revolution in surgery. Beyond the limits of human ability, a robotic can perform or expand its surgical treatment modalities. But maintaining of this robotic technology is cost effective so researches are still carrying out by considering all aspects like cost and power consumption.

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