E Gas Seva Java Project


E-Gas Seva is a java project which is developed to provide services for gas agency of Indian company. This java project  provides an in-depth service for gas.


E-Gas seva is a web application which user can apply and know the information about gas online. This project provides an interface for the users to book gas. By using this gas seva customers can  be highly benefitted with vast areas of company’s services.

E-gas seva will provide an username and password to the users by with they can do all the service online. Customers can view all the services provided at all the locations. It is easy to put a request like gas booking or for new  connection through our system. It is highly befitting to provide services to customers.

The customer can easily communicate with the dealers for asking connections, accessories, transferring services from one location to another location.This project makes all the gas bookings easier.


The main objective of this final year project is to make the path for LPG Gas connection and other services a smooth and easy way.


  • Admin:

Admin can manages the locations, dealers, no. of connections for the dealers.Admin can able to perform following operations:

  • online application form for dealer ship etc.
  • allocate the connections for dealers
  • adds the new locations
  • accepts dealers applications
  • Dealer:

Dealer manages the customers for particular location. Dealers can able to perform following operations:

  • transfer LPG connection to another location.
  • providing accessories
  • online booking facility for LPG Gas
  • receive the requests from the customers.
  • accepts the customers applications, accessories
  • Customers:

Customers are the users ,who gains services from our system. They put requests for  gas booking, cancellation or change service connection location etc to the dealers.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                                 :           HTML

Client – side Scripting                          :           JavaScript

Programming Language                      :           Java

Web based Technologies                     :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                          :           JDBC

Java Version                                         :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                                :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                                 :           Windows XP

Web Server                                           :           Tomcat 5.5

Browser                                                  :           IE/Mozilla

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  1. From where I can get the project source code. It is very much useful to all. Please provide me project source code or send me the code.

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