Web Server Project in Java

Web server maintenance and management system project is a web server project in java which is useful for hosting companies for tracing locations and identify customers and helps in providing security for users and maintain better relation between customers and company.

E Space Web Server Project Modules :

 URL Memory Allocation 

The URL Memory Allocation contains customer number, size of purchase, server code, duration, date, URL name, username, password, urltype. The amount for url memory allocation has got from Dnr database in accordance with given size and urltype.  Above Information are stored in the dnrform DataBase.

Payment Details:

Payment Details contains preparation of bill and payment entry. The Preparation of bill is done by getting customer number, Invoice number, Request and status from the customer and the bill is prepared from the information available in pdtrequest  Database. In the Payment Entry, the customer can make the payment for the

url memory allocation  given to him and he can pay in terms of dd, cheque and cash. If the customer is made a part payment of the Total Purchase Amount, then balance amount is   calculated and stored in Transaction Database.

 Product Delivery Information:

                      Selecting on the Product Delivery Information, goes to the cusorder database which consists of  Product order information. It will display the ordercode and product code and the person has enter the serial number  and it will display alone with the orderdate and delivery code in the screen.

Renewal Details:

Renewal Details is  given by calculating  the renewal date, renewal amount  for every customer using the customer number and url_name. And when the renewal amount is paid by the customer, the renewal receipt is given and the information is stored in the renewal  Database.

Download Web Server Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, Design Details, Screen shots.

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