Introduction to Visual Cryptography Seminar Topic:

In today’s world the technology is growing very much.  Now days the system is designed according to the specific format which is system development life cycle. This process is composed of much process which of them is analysis which has the work to study the operations and the relationship of the system inside or outside of the system. In the analysis process the data is collected from various sources and the transaction is performed.

In present network the transaction is done by networks only no manually transaction is done of the files. But it has various problems that when the new network is added then the older network should not be disturbed and the network which we are using it should be reliable. The connection between different networks should be proper.

To overcome this type of problem visual cryptography was introduced. It is a method that converts the message in the secret image and shares it which is presented in transparencies that is hold by each user. In this VCs technology another technology was introduces that prevents the cheating of the file.

Another is requirement phase that consists of mainly three phases they are

Analysis: – It acts as the bridge between software and design. It works to get the requirement and needs of the user which is done by doing conversation between the user and the developer then the developer finally defines the function of the software.

Another is specification that deals with the quality of the software and plays a very important role in the development of the software. It describes that how the software will look like and what will be the content. Diagrams and all other information are included in this phase.

And the last one is validation in which the validity of the requirement of the software is done. 

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