Virtual Instrumentation Paper Presentation

Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation Paper Presentation:

It means that using customized software and hardware to develop the systems for the user according to his requirement. Some hardware’s instrumentation is already configured like oscilloscopes, and they are specifically coded to some task and they are limited to use. To overcome this problem we can use software to replace the hardware data.

Lab VIEW: it is the environment developed for programming language that is especially designed for the graphic or visuals. It is used so that processing and measurement of the equipment are done in the laboratory automatically. For that we use programming language “G “. This language is basically developed for the Apple Corporation later it is used by Microsoft, UNIX, Linux etc. operating systems platforms. This graphical language is used at many places like Robotics, controls, Mechatronics etc.

Control: it is the main element in the robotics and mechatronics for controlling different parts. It is used to develop the mathematical design of the systems. In this process it requires software.

In Robotics: it is used in the robotics field to develop efficient and robust robots that is advanced and efficient. Robotics required intelligent machines and smart software that can be implemented in the robotics.

Mechatronics: it deals with the applications like electronics, controlling, intelligence.  It is used to improve the interaction between the user and the machines like Robots. They need simulation of their machines and electronic systems and to improve the machine development.

They are also used in the other field like virtual processing. They are also used for measuring the sensors and their connectivity. Used in embedded systems that is based on the single platform and requires high performance and they are programmed in high level language. They have increased the machine productivity and understand the requirement of the customers.

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