Introduction to Vehicle Tracking System Design and Implementation Using GPS Project:


This project describes on how to provide security to vehicles using GPS.  A remote tracking server and real time vehicular tracking system were installed in the vehicle for easy tracking of vehicle. Information about the vehicle will transfer to actual tracking server by making use of GSM\GPRS modem on GSM network by sending a SMS or transfer the data to tracking server via GPRS using direct TCP\IP connection.  Tracking server also has GSM/GPRS modem which receives vehicle information through GSM network and placed the same information in a database. This vehicle security system, which installed in the car helps to reduce the auto theft. 


Vehicle Security system is required during auto theft. So, whenever an intrusion occurs, owner of the car will get intimation through SMS with the help of this security system. The SMS alerts car owner who can take further action by intimating the same to cops.   Objectives of this project are developing automatic vehicle location system using GPS for alerting the car owner by providing the vehicle information to the car owner.  Vehicle current location will be detected with the help of vibration sensors and Ultrasonic sensors by making use of In-vehicle unit which installed in the vehicle. When vehicle information is extracted by In-vehicle unit it has to reach tracking server then the same will display to the vehicle owner through SMS.  GSM modem is required to transmit data to tracking server over GSM network.


To track vehicle location when it is auto theft then both in-vehicle unit and a tracking server are used. The vehicle information transmits to tracking server using GSM modem over GSM network. Tracking server has one GSM modem to receive the vehicle information over GSM network and stores the same in database. This data will display to the vehicle owner via SMS.

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