The Three-Tiered Web Database in DBMS


Among the client and the server the dispensation of the third layer is introduced in the three-tiered client/server architecture. On the PC-based LANs the three-tiered architecture is latest additional architecture. For the development of their works the three-tiered architecture facilitates for the clients and the servers while comparing with the two-tiered architecture this is an essential improvement in this architecture. The clients and servers are turned into thin clients and thin servers by mislay the weight of clients and servers additionally. This is because the superior modularity is completed but additionally the functions are divided. In the middle tier the transactions should be executed regularly.

And also in this layer some of the other methods are also put into an action, on mainframes the data is translating from legacy applications, protection is handled, and the information is created. As a latest type of system the two-tiered parent technologies are shared by the web database applications. But the three-tiered architecture supports the latest system. The server tier is absorbed by the database server where as the client tier is absorbed by the web browser. The web server and the expansion of the server program is grasping by a middle tier. The components become identical and enhance protection finally the network traffic is reduced.

 Three-tiered Web Database Application

                                    Three-tiered Web Database Application

For the Web server the data request or page request is send by the web browser. Then the data request is transported for the expansion of server program where as the page request is taken by the web server. The requests are then accepted by a server extension program and are converted into a form that which can be understood by the database server that is third tier.

The outcome of the server extension program is proceed in the next step such as query, update or insert are some of the assignments presented by the database server. The database result is accepted by the web browser which is converted by the server extension program at last it will send to the web server. The final result we will see in web browser which is passed by the web server.

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