The IT Productivity Paradox

There are significant changes in the market, products, and society. These are brought by the company fro which made a small change that is in the company full implementation is done in IT. But outside competitors, IT is not a differentiating factor.

It is a great success for the DELL, by using of this IT as a differentiator. This is outperforming for its rivals. Many researches can also said that, the positive effect which is significant brought by the IT/IS for the firm’s productivity. The “IT productivity paradox” is brought by the Brynjolfsson. This is used as a contribution for the business value. This gives the optimistic view and pessimistic view of IT.

There is a need to complement with the social assets (internet, IT training, rule & regulations), managerial assets (flexible management, and knowledge based decision making) and organizational assets (culture, efficient business processes) for optimize the IT investment returns. If the IT is complemented with more or other assets then the accumulation would be done with the superior returns and vice versa.

  • Key systems Applications and their Interrelationship 

For getting the maximize efficiency and effectiveness of performance of the over all company, the key systems are interrelated to each other. The following is the fig for the interrelation of the systems. 

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