Technical Seminar Topic on Broadband Wireless Access Alternatives

Introduction to Broadband Wireless Access Alternatives:

Broadband services are delivered to us by using various technologies. They are:-

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL):-It works on the same regular wire at very high speed. It uses copper wire to carry both data and voice.

Fiber Technologies: – It uses fiber cable as a loop from home to centre office. It has more capacity than copper wire.

Coaxial cable: – it uses TV signal cable to provide internet. Cable modems work at very high speed as they are design as hybrid fiber coaxial architecture.

Wireless: – It uses no cable to transfer data. It generally works as Wi-Fi; in this we create hotspot to cover a large area under internet.

Satellite:- It does not uses telephone line but uses satellite to connect to the internet and provide two way upload and download speed.

Introduction to Broadband over Power lines (BPL):- It allows both voice and data to transfer over a power line called as Power line communication (PLC).

BPL architecture:-In it the power distribution starts at the power generator and ends at user home. It transformers uses at substations to lower the high voltage to medium voltage for distribution. It uses silicon chips over electric power line for high speed internet. To connect modem to medium voltage power line it uses Inductive couplers.

Industry Structure:-Electric utilities want to leave BPL to a painter they not want to enter communication business so they are using low speed power line for internal use. Broadband divided delivery segments into one or more segments.

Problem and solution:-There are many problems in signal line such as noise which causes signal failure and it can be operate as interference, signal attenuation by active and passive devices.

BPL services: – It provides Broadband internet access, voice over internet protocol, multiple dwelling unit deployments, utility communication, real time pricing, intelligent demand side management and direct load control

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