Technical Seminar for CSE on Routing protocols of MANET

Introduction to Routing protocols of MANET:

The mobile technologies have gained a significant importance these days and this is the major reason behind the development of different applications and features related to the mobile and these applications are used for mobile computing all over the world. The possibilities for the development of current technologies are more likely to happen in case the technology is having demand in the market. Mobile Ad Hoc networks is one of the best technologies when it is compared to the existing mobile technologies as  it has no major necessity of architecture and such type of specific networks are having the capacity of functioning by themselves which can be themselves referred  as the autonomous systems.

 Major function of the MANET is to manage the function of routers as well as the wireless links among them. Routers have a nature of mobility and for this reason they are capable of moving from one location to the another specific location in a diagonal way  towards a virtual graph which has been created by the routers as well as the wireless links.

Presence of the individual nature and a very few operations related to infrastructure the MANET will be able to get connected to any kind version of the internet connection also it could even be functioned and controlled in a separate manner. Mobility of the MANET is already has been proved and in general case it is the nature of the MANET and then there are also a lot of possibilities for the happening of the issues for the route or the link stability, and then there is also a necessity for the appropriate routing of the protocols in case we have to assure the routing stability towards the MANETS.

 There are two different types of the routing protocols such as the proactive routing protocols( table driven) as well as the reactive routing protocols(on demand).

Proactive routing protocols

Destination sequence distance vector routing (DSDV)

AODV Protocol

Optimized link state routing protocol (OLSR)

Reactive routing protocols

Dynamic supply routing protocol (DSR 

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