Student Administration Automation System using RFID system

 Student Administration Automation System using RFID system is a generic electronics based application design to automate and enhance the manual work of recording and reporting in real-time, the Time and Attendance System in schools/ colleges/ private institutes. A Log is maintained in the Database, which contains timely information of the Tag’s Enter system and Exit system. From the log maintained, total Stay-In time of the Student in the class is calculated, if the time is equal to required time, he/ she is marked “Present” else marked “Absent” in the Database. In addition to this attendance, ‘Faculty Attendance’ is also marked in the Database. The Unauthorized/ Unregistered entry of Student/ Faculty/ Administrator is also checked. In order to aware the Parents/ Administration about Student/ Faculty Attendance, Warnings are generated and e-mailed showing their Absence / Presence information.

Student’s Attendance weight age is also calculated in order to confirm their eligibility to sit in exam. For example if they are absent for three classes in a Particular Course they are sent on probation. The whole data compiled after marking Attendance can be used to deduce different information i.e. depicting behaviors of Faculty, Students etc from the Records.

Download Student Administration Automation System using RFID system

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