The goals of SPEED CONTROL OF BLDC MOTOR USING SINUSOIDAL PWM USING FPGA MECH PROJECT project are to produce the sinusoidal signals with the help of FPGA. It produces Triangular signals by employing FPGA. It creates the sinusoidal PWM signals with the help of FPGA. It manages the accuracy of BLDC motor with the help of sinusoidal PWM tool.

From the block diagram, we can see the interface is linked to LCD and keyboard and FPGA controller. The inverter converts the isolator and DC supply to BLDC motor and hall sensor. The hall sensor in turn gives feedback to FGPA controller.

The gate array includes logic gates with two dimensional arrays. It is connected with customized metal. The field programmability is obtained by switches. The user is able to execute an FPGA which need few time for the creation of parts of mask-programmed. It has the capacity to fix the errors to execute the program.

VHDL abbreviates as “very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language”. It is the programming language utilized to structure the digital style by Gate level and structural and behavioral method of structuring. The language is versatile and strong hardware description language. It is employed to create electronic systems at many steps of model abstraction.

The PWM pulse is created with waves of sine and triangular with the help of FPGA. The PWM pulse is taken as the input by Inverter of Hard Ware Kit. It manages the accuracy with performance of dynamic and static.


FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. The logical cells are manufactured by the device. It is the semiconductor device which is set up by the consumer and therefore it is named as Field-programmable.