Spatial Domain Methods Basic Gray Level Transformation PPT Presentation

Introduction to Spatial Domain Methods Basic Gray Level Transformation PPT Presentation:

The document aims at in detail learning about linear transformation function and about its types. It also tells us more about piece wise linear. Important and complex transformation can be formatted using some specified methods.

a.)    Contrast Stretching

There are some images that lack the illumination in them. To make these images more clear contrast stretching is used. Contrast Stretching is the easiest method to set proper contrast to such images and make them clear to the others. The image which needs contrast stretching may suffer due to lack of light, range problem with sensors and due to error in adjusting settings of lenses aperture while image acquisition. 

b.)    Gray Level Slicing

Gray Level Slicing is use as enhanced feature application in satellites and find flaws in X-ray image.

c.)     Bit Plane Slicing

Bit plane of every image play an important role in presenting that image. So to study the importance of this bit plane image it is important to study the role played by each bit plane image and bit plane slicing allows us to study that. This process aims at studying the adequacy of number of bits plane used for each pixel. This method is ysed for image compression.

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