Distributed Database System Names and Binding PPT Presentation

Introduction to Distributed Database System Names and Binding PPT Presentation:

Distributed system increases the efficiency and ease of software. Software’s and hardware have all things used in them for development have particular name. Naming this are user name, machine name, files names, device name, variables in the programs are named, network services used are named.

a.)    NAME  

Name helps us to identify what we want. We need names for services, nodes, paths, objects within services. To name an object naming convection’s are being followed. To name a variable in a language a naming convention is being followed such as a variable name must start with a capital letter. Naming a object depends on some factors.

a.)      Uniqueness

Uniqueness of the names is most important factor as duplication may lead to    some conflicts.

b.)      Naming Convention

Every naming convention system determines it own syntax for naming. Let us consider following naming system used.

UNIX Naming System

Unix Naming system parses components from left to right.

E.g. / Home/src/gps/gui.c

Internet Domain Names

Internet naming system is ordered from right to left and delimited by (.).

LDAP Names

In LDAP naming convention the attribute value pairs are ordered from right to left and are delimited by (.). E.g. o=Rutgres,c=US

      c.)      Context

Always a particular name is associated to and objects. Naming convention is related to every context.

 d.)      Naming System

Naming system means common contexts are connected to each other along with some common properties.

 e.)      Name Space

Name space means set of names is the naming system.

 f.)      Resolution

Resolution is returning the underlying representation if name. 

b.)    ADDRESS

Address helps us to identify the location of a particular object with a specified name.

c.)     ROUTE

Route helps us indentify the path to a particular object with a specific name.

d.)    BINDING

Binding binds or attaches an name with a object.

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