Project Title:   Simulation of Transmitted Reference Ultra Wideband Communication

Project Description: The objective of this Simulation of Transmitted Reference Ultra Wideband Communication project is to present ultra wide band communication in a wireless   industry. The general principle used in UWB technology is use of short pulses instead of Continuous waves to transmit information in the order of nano-seconds. This technology has a huge bandwidth and it allows high data rate and low power applications. This final year project employs extremely narrow RF pulses to communicate between transmitters and receivers.TR-UWB is suitable for Gaussian waveform and its derivative. Now the noise is add to signal and detects in receiver design. To calculate the BER and DATA RATE. It can be used in multimedia applications, effective detection and decoding algorithms. The main aim of this Electronics & Communication Engineering project supports many applications communications, measurement systems, wall imaging systems to detect objects contained in Walls and vehicular radar for collision avoidance.