Seminar Report on Integrated Transmitters

Introduction to Integrated Transmitters Seminar Topic:

It is very necessary to have the communication link between the space crafts and the satellite in the space so that infrastructure of the space works properly.  In space all the data receiving satellites are linked with each other and they are placed in the LEO (low earth orbit) around 300-1000 km of altitude.

They are connected to the integrated transmitters of the earth for data transmission and exchange. Theses integrated transmitters are placed on the number of earth station on the earth. They form the orbit link between the satellites for relaying the data. They almost cover the 36000 km of the earth perimeter. 

For linking the satellites we generally use the appropriate wave length and the polarization is kept proper for better link connection. Wavelength should be appropriate to meet the requirement and should be polarized. To provide an asymmetric link a link budgets should be used.

Integrated transmitters have two reluctant piezo actuators connected to each other in parallel. They are connected to collimator and capacities position sensor connected to each other with the help of switch. They are connected with mono-mode flexible fiber that connects all the components in the transmitters these two actuators are connected with two opt mechanical Switch.

These fibers are connected to anamorphosers that have collimator and focuser and also active emitter.  These anamorphosers have LED connected to them for giving signal.

On the other side redundant emitter are connected, this emitter also have LEDS connected to them. 

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