Seminar on Code Division Multiple Access Technology

Introduction to Code Division Multiple Access Technology:

In today’s generation mobile technology is growing very fast and there are of changes taking place every day. We have lot of choices to select the better transmission system that s more reliable and one of them is CDMA that can access multiple channels. CDMA is a new digital wireless transmission technology form of spread spectrum and it was launched in early nineties.CDMA first converts our voice in the digital form and then send to the user using radio wave. The frequency for the CDMA is not defined and many times lots of users has to use the same frequencywithout interference and the receiving device is design to use the data out of received signal.

History:- The first cell phone were introduced in 1980’s and has  the AMPS(Advanced Mobile Phone System). In last few years mobile phones technology has grown very fast. Many mobiles use CDMA for better division of code. Phone is called cellular because it divides the area into small cells and each cell is assigned a frequency.

CDMA are better than GSM as it produce very less interference then GSM and they emit very low radiation which harmful for human mind.

Basis of CDMA:-for the transmission of data they spectrum technology that occupies a bandwidth in excess of the minimum bandwidth to send information.In CDMA more than one user can access the single channel without creating any problem.

Pros and cons:-it used less power and the transmission rate is very good and it does not allow the network to create the traffic. It also improves voice quality and eliminates external interference. Also provides reliable transport mechanism for data communication. 

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