Seminar on Banking and Finance

Introduction to Seminar on Banking and Finance:

This literature’s synoptic analysis fetches towards the front insights into the NPL determinants across the countries. There is a believed analysis that the lending policy of bank can have significant pressure on the non-performing loans. Several issues have been examined critically by him relating to the terms of Indian bank’s credit.

It was being analyzed in this framework that the ‘on the illegal activity the element of power does not show any attitude. The default is not an irrational decision on the whole. “Lazy banking’ has been conceptualized by Mohan in the year 2003, while significantly reflecting on lending policy as well as investment portfolio of bank.

The perspective of Indian alluding towards the theory of lazy banking’ owing to Mohan (2003) and ‘credit culture’ owing to Reddy (2004) consists of an international viewpoint because in the banking literature a huge number of studies accept that the lending policy of bank is the most significant driver of non-performing loans.

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