Project Scope:

 The main aim of this Route Guidance For Blind People Using GSM & GPS Modems project is to route guidance and obstacles detection for a blind person.

Here we used GSM, GPS & Microcontroller, which are the main essentials of the project.

  • At The µC has four ports, one port is assigned for keypad, which is the blind person can give destination by long pressing any one of the key on keypad from four keys.
  • Whenever a key received by µC, µC sends corresponding key’s destination which is already programmed on it & also it sends the present location which was initially calculated by the GPS, to the GSM as an SMS.
  • A service provide is available in GSM location (eg., Airtel, Idea etc.,)
  • After receiving the SMS the service provider checks the destination in Google map (GIS), and then He/She will phone to the blind person and guide them to reach the destination.
  • There is also one obstacle detector in blind man’s cane stick, which is gives a beep sound if any obstacle reaches him.

The first the GPS checks its present location as Longitude & Latitude.