Radio Identification Method Third Year ECE Project Report

Introduction to Radio Identification Method Third Year Project:

This method called the radio identification method is the automatic recognization method which works on saving and replying the data that is retrieved from the Databases by the device named as the RFID. This RFID is such a tag item which is joined or connected to the animal or a product or any person for the reason of identifying it by making the use of the radio waves in it. This RFID is a small tag which has presence of silicon chips and antennae in it. There are two types in the RFID tags namely the Passive Tag and the Active Tag. 

The Passive tag is the tag which has no interconnected power supply. The electric currents are then connected in the antennae’s which are present in the tags. This passive tags works by giving signals by setting it back the carrier path from the user reader. Here the present antennae are compulsory need to be circuited by the incoming signals waves and also by the transmitters too.

Active tags have it own interconnection supply of current in it. This interconnection current is then made in use of getting the outgoing wave signals. The defense system of the united has properly used this system to low down the price and change the production of arm weapons too. 

The latest on working applications of the radio identification method are firstly the passports here this device is to give the passports to the people applying for it. Second is the Transport payments system here payments of the online travelling tickets are made by the means of Credit Cards. Third is the product tracking in which this device is used to track the barcode number of the products which are kept on sale. Automotive and animal identifiers are couple of other applications.   

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