SQL Server Projects

Engineering computer science students who are looking for SQL Database Server 2005, 2008 projects for beginners and can download sample SQL projects with source code and report for free. Download All Latest SQL Database Projects, SQL Projects Ideas, SQL Presentations & PPT’s Here.

Address Book Dot Net Major Project With Code

This address book has been designed to stored the contact address with photograph and also provides easy search function. The Data base should collect also the minute details about the users and also photos. This Slam book has the different modules to get the details of users, store the details, and delete the details and(…)

Condo Management System C# SQL CSE Project With Code

Condo Management System The condo management system is a Desktop application. This project is mainly developed to support large hotels and other apartments in which the administration has to take care of all the transactions like how many people visited the hotel and how many rooms are left free .At what time the customers have(…)

Hotel Management System C#.Net & SQL CSE Final Year Project

Hotel Management System  The ‘Hotel Management System‘ is developed to maintain the details of Customer booking information, trace the details of customer also maintain the information about the hotel room availability. Using this project users may know all the details which is provided by the ‘Hotel Management System’. Users can view the availability of rooms(…)

Payroll Management System CSE .Net Major Project With Code

Payroll Management System is the windows application which is designed mainly for maintaining every employee details easily. In our application we can calculate the pay of different employees in the database by hourly basis. FICA (Federal Income Contributions Act) and taxes and deductions will be subtracts from the actual pay and insurance and bonus will(…)

Geometric Approach for Improving Active Packet Loss Java Project

Geometric Packet Loss Java Project is for CSE Final year students who are interested in Network management related projects. This projects main aim is to implement a software application which can analyze packet loss accurately from end to end. Before developing this application we need to understand poisson-modulated end to end measurements. This application is(…)

Banking System a Database Project Report

Description:  Usually all persons want money for personal and commercial purposes. Banks are the oldest lending institutions in Indian scenario. They are providing all facilities to all citizens for their own purposes by their terms. To survive in this modern market every bank implements so many new innovative ideas, strategies, and advanced technologies.  For that(…)

Download HRM Database Management A Java Project Report

HRM Database Management Java project creates software that stores and manages all the data needed to describe the personnel and their framework within an organization. It includes a definition of various levels of hierarchy in an organization, the salary structure pertaining to every element in this hierarchy, the description of every department functioning in the(…)