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Networking projects available here are implemented in java which are useful for IT and ece students.

Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks NS2 Project

In the Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks NS2 Project encryption done using Attribute-based encryption. Previously we are using RSA algorithm for encryption. In the given Ns2 project there are lots of CPP programs. Even if removed also working without any change. I removed All cpp files. The graphs are generated based on the(…)

Computer Network Project

The purpose of this Computer Network-Project is to implement a simplified web system. The system consists of three programs, the DNS server program, the Web server program, and the client program. The client program consists of two parts, a browser simulator and a client program for system testing. Domain Name Server In Internet, packets are(…)

Network Traffic Monitoring & windows Remote Manager

In a Network, LAN/WAN, maintaining the operating system remotely is a crucial job for an administrator. Our proposed project is a remote desktop application which is providing remote service to its entire client over the network and gives solution to the network administrator to monitor the Network Traffic which is provided at the server side(…)

Latest Java Project on Data Security Using Honey Pot System with Project Report

Introduction to Data Security Using Honey Pot System Project: In order to provide a support to the defensive network security posture the recent concept of data security using honey pot system is implemented and it is widely accepted by people. This project has various features that along with data gathering of the intelligence enable to understand(…)

CSE Mini Networking Project on Prevention of Congestion Collapse

Introduction to Networking Project on Prevention of Congestion Collapse: One of the most important things that is to be kept in mind while dealing with the virtual world is that, every service, protocol and algorithm that is introduced in the internet must essentially scale well. This is usually termed as a scalability argument. An effect of(…)

CSE Project for on Network Administrator Tool with Project Report

Introduction to Network Administrator Tool with Project: The network administrator tool has been developed in order to provide remote service to all the clients of the administrator that belong to the same network. This tool has the ability to act as a network administrator to all the clients and can provide services remotely like remote log(…)

Network Administration Tool Final Year Project Report

Introduction to Network Administration Tool Project: Administrators have the most important tasks, and this is why to make their jobs easy, network administrative tool has been introduced, which is a software package. It is with the help of this tool, the administrator will be able to gain a full control of the software and also oversee(…)

IP Recovery Using Multiple Routing Configurations Networking Project Report

Introduction to IP Recovery Using Multiple Routing Configurations Networking Project: With the invention of internet the communication system is being developed to a great extent. Presently slow junction of routing protocols for a network infrastructure is a great problem faced by numerous people, so to recuperate the failures of IP networks the MRC system is being(…)