MCA Projects

MCA Projects available here are implemented in, java, Visual basic and C++, php . MCA final year students can use these topics as reference for mini and major projects. Students can download list of MCA Projects with documentation for free download.

Student Management System Project Report in Jsp with DFD Diagram and Database Design

Introduction to Student Management System Project Report in Jsp: Understudy Student  Management System is programming which is accommodating for understudies and also the school powers. In the present framework every last trace of the exercises are finished manually. It’s truly prolonged and immoderate. Our Student Management System bargains with the diverse actions identified with the learners.(…)

Student Staff Feedback System Project Report

This framework is for the most part utilized by four sorts of users:         Student          Staff          Head of sections          Principal The provision may as well have a database of survey which can be given to the understudies following a secured(…)

Web Based Project on Student Project Allocation and Management with Online Testing System

This task is pointed at advancing an electronic framework, which maintains the movement of “Student Project Management” and “Online Testing”. This framework will maintain the database and look after a catalogue of all people amasses that have enlisted on this locale, lead their connected test and shortlist the aforementioned learners who have passed the ability(…)

Student Information System Project in C++ Source Code and Report

Introduction to Student Information System Project: My system on Student Management System has been intended for supporting learner records. There are accompanying areas in the system: Record entrance area: In this segment the information’s of the person has been dropped in and safeguarded. Looking record segment: In this segment the record of the taking after learner(…)

SPDY Protocol Project Report for Final Year CSE Students

With the help of advancement in the web applications as well as the improved speed of the connection nowadays the environment of the internet is becoming more and more sophisticated. Still the base of the technology that is that layer of the protocol that we are using is not getting similarly updated as per the(…)

Student Management System Database Design

While retrieving data error and data tracking are the main problem that has been experiencing for a long time by the department of Swasa. It leads to the need of the this system as it provides the capability of processing, storing and giving out information with lots of accuracy. Our student management system is an(…)

Social Network Java Project with Database Design DFD Diagrams for MCA Final Year Students

A social network is a structure that consists of organizations and individuals known as nodes that are tied with the help of one or even more kinds of interdependence like kinship, financial exchange, common interest, friendship, dislike, relation of beliefs, sexual relationships and prestige. The social network is a .Com that helps in expanding one social interest(…)

Online Matrimonial Project Documentation

Introduction to Online Matrimonial Project: Sharenlive is a matrimonial website that can operate at free of cost and is developed in PHP. This is nowadays available in the net and like many matrimonial websites claim that they have millions of users we only offer 99.9 % active and genuine profile. We are one of the best(…)

Share Accounting Package Visual.Net Project Full Report for CSE Final Year Students

For carrying a business banking a cooperative is need to be formed by two or more people who readily make investments to carry on with the process. The member of a co-operative bank is the shareholder of the bank and in another word, he has to purchase the shares of the company to become the(…) CSE Asp.Net Mini Project Report on Student Web Portal

The Student Web Portal is the web based online application for the students to get the updated information of the university and to see the results of the examination and to submit the fee of the semester or year. The Student can do the semester work like to seek help of the coordinators and the(…)