Project Report on Web Mining

Introduction to Web Mining Project:

World Wide Web (WWW) is a made of millions of websites of multiple genre incorporated with trillions of tetra bytes of data on their web pages. There is will be common data within few web pages and when we want to search for required information on web at times it will be difficult. The process of extracting required information from web is called as data mining. Similarly finding required web sites or web pages from WWW is called as web mining. Web mining helps in finding text documents, multimedia files, images and other types of resources from web pages.

The areas of web mining applications are E-Commerce, Information filtering, Fraud detection and Education and research.

The algorithms and techniques used for data mining can be applied in web mining because it is just an extension of data mining. The tasks involved in web mining are retrieving of documents then extraction of information from the documents using Web miner software and finding similar patterns in web sites and finally validating the extracted information.

Some of the issues that come into play with web mining are saving of a page in a web site or saving entire web site by downloading it in to desktop. This helps in analyzing the visitors to a web site.

Some of the important web mining software’s are Sinope Summarizer, Teleport Pro, and Click Tracks.

In order to analyze online web content web mining software should navige between many web sites and during this process two important categories of web mining comes up, they are web content mining and web usage mining.

There are few disadvantages in web mining such as long time to explore large volume of data, loss of communication link, and dynamic nature of web data, interconnection of web pages by hyperlinks may lead to infinite loop and hidden web data cannot be located.

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