Processual Approach to Strategy

According to the view of Processual approach of an organization, the organization is assumed as a union of human resources, and these human resources will carry their mental preferences and personal aims and goal to the organization. According to the studies of many researchers, the persistent procedure of negotiation is a Strategy because people are normal in limited number and a normal commercial man is not possible and considered as a fiction . Many scholars who are Processual will argue that strategy will become the regular adjustment of the practices to stroppy messages if it is continued with the above limitations.

And these stroppy messages are passed from the environment which the managers are forced to pay attention on the messages ultimately. An approach to make knowledge on the disorders of the world is called a strategy, and it can also be defined as a designed and implemented activity. So the strategies are said to be emergent and they are said to be supposed in recollecting and reviewing and even the activities can improve their growth when they are united, when the procedures and approaches are embedded with the ultimate steps which are small but successful.

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