Printed Circuit Boards and Coil Windings Project Report


In this paper we are going to see the construction and working and available printed circuit boards and coil windings and cables which are used in designing electronic circuits. The printed circuit boards are used for arranging of components and the coil windings are used for designing components and cables are used for transmission. We will also look into the types of soldering process available for fixing components on board.


Cables are used for transmission purpose which are prepare by using two or more wires put together or by bonding them or by twisting them depending upon the required output for the transmission purpose. Cables are mainly used to connect computer peripherals like printer, scanner and other hardware devices. There are five types of cables which serve different purpose. The mechanical cables which are also called probes which are used for handling force through tension. The electrical cables are used in power supply lines for flow of current through them. The optical fiber cables are made of protective layers which carry light through them. There are power cables which serve the same purpose of electric cables but its usage is different.

Coil windings:

The coil windings are designed by making the copper wire turns in specified lengths. These windings generate electric or magnetic flux when provided with external power supply. The higher the no of turns the higher the flux generated. The coil windings are prepared on machines which are programmed so the wound the coils accordingly. We can specify the no of turns and the direction of turns for winding of coils. Janatic coils available for which the construction process is same and they are available 30 and 60 watt variants.

Printed circuit boards:

It is made of non conductive material which provides mechanical supports for the electrical components. Here the insulated layers are laminated with proxy resign. The boards are coated with green color and they are also available with blue and green color. To separate the copper areas from substrate photo engraving process is used. Wave soldering process is the commonly used for soldering of electronic components.

Download Printed Circuit Boards and Coil Winding’s Project Report.

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