Placement Information System VB.Net Project


The project entitled “PLACEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMis developed with as front end and MS-Acces as back end. This system is developed to assist the placement and training cell of Karpagam Arts and Science College. The main purpose of this project is to store the students details and to find all the eligible candidate from UG and PG, satisfying the specified criteria.

This is a user friendly project that enables all kind of users to work with, even     without any prior knowledge of computer.


The Placement Information System is a software project developed to assist the placement and training cell of Arts and Science College. The login form in the system checks for the validity of the user name and password. This ensures that only the authorized users are allowed to use the system.

The main modules in this project are student, check and report.

The module ‘student’ consists of two sections, UG and PG. All the academic and personal details of the students are maintained separately in this module. Provision for inserting, updating and deleting the records are made here.

The next is the checking module. Checking is done separately for UG and PG students.   In the checking module, the eligible candidates who can appear for the placement are found. This selection procedure is based on certain criteria, given by the company, like percentage of mark, the course being done by the student and the arrears.

The report module, which is the output module, produces the list of eligible students who can appear for the placement, along with all the necessary details.


rollno memo Rollnumber
name text Name of the student
gender text Gender
dept text Department
year number Year of study
batch text Batch
homename text Homename
place text Place
city text City
state text State
pin number Pincode
phno number Phone number
tenth number Tenth percentage mark
twelth number Tweth percentage mark
currentsem number Current semester
arrears text Arrears present or not
noarrears number No of Arrears
mark number Mark up to current semester
placed text Placed or not

Placement Information System Login Placement Information System Modules Placement Information System Student details

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  1. please, how do i get this project? in full and its source code?
    That is Placement Information System VB.Net Project
    Mar 25, 2016

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