Remote Device Explorer System VB.Net Project


This Remote Device Explorer System project is done specifically catering to the requirements of the educational institutes Computer Laboratory.   We create a Client Server architecture where in the Clients  software runs in  all students and staff systems and the server is maintained in the Network administrator System.

The Students and Staff ip addresses are maintained separately in a database.We use separate colors like green , red etc for identifying which of those system pen drive is accessed.  We track the various activities of the students and staff like taking print outs, Reading and writing CDs also files accessing , creating and modifying it.  We use VB.NET which is an Object Oriented Programming Language for the Construction of Client Server architecture. We use Sql Server  for storing the data like Ip address of the system etc.

For the alerts of various hardware and software usage, we use Special Controls in .net Platform. This Remote Device Explorer System project will help the network administrator to track the accessibility of its various node and  to monitor any misuse of the system resources.  At times, virus software which often get transmitted into the network through the pen drives is to monitored carefully. Also, the reports can be taken day wise or month wise etc for the usage of various network resources. This facility will enable the administrator and the management incharge to take necessary precautions in future to avoid any misuse of the Network resources.

Remote Device Explorer System Block  Diagram



  1. Identifying Systems in Network Group.
  2. Registration of Admin / Staff/ Student System.
  3. Monitoring of System Peripherals.
  4. Monitoring of Software Applications.
  5. Performance Comparison by admin.

Modules Description:

Identifying Systems in Network Group:

In this module, we are going to identify the number of System which all connected in the network. And all the system in the network has been categories by Admin, Staff, and Student.

Registration of Admin / Staff/ Student System:

In this module the user in the network has been register according to their category and authority. Admin is the one he has authority for monitoring and controlling the whole network (Staff/Students).The Staff in the network can register in the network by selecting user name and password (unique) according to his need. The Students in the network can register in the network by selecting user name and password (unique) according to his need. All the user name of student/staff has been maintain by the admin and admin user name and password has been maintained very secret in the network.

Monitoring of System Peripherals:

In this module server will monitor the number of user (students/staff) in the network and start monitor them. The admin will monitor that who are all using peripherals device like Pen drive, CD, Printer.

Monitoring of Software Applications:

In this module admin will monitor the user (staff/students) process by files, document, application used by users by file watcher, it also check client connection, web application also.

Performance Comparison by admin:

In this module the admin will calculate the performance of each user (staff/students) in the network by their process, and activity done in the system.

1. Identification of Admin / Client System

In this module, Server identifies the clients which are connected in the network. Server also categories the Client system as student and staff.

2. Monitoring of Remote Devices

In this module, Server get access to all clients which are using the Remote devices such as Pen drive, CD, Printer etc., also Server can get the details of processing of files and documents of clients by File Watcher.

3. Monitoring by Administrator

In this Module, Administrator monitoring the Remote Devices which are get connected in network. And also monitoring the individual access of the client , servers and remote devices.
Remote Device Explorer System System Flow Diagram
Existing System :

1) The hardware and systems are maintained only by using the Operating System security features.

2) No Usb slot access control are available.

3) No Acess control and tracking mechanism implemented for CDs,printers and Scanners.

4) No virus protection is updated and maintained.

Remote Device Explorer System Client
Remote Device Explorer System Client Connect
Proposed System :

Remote Device Explorer System is designed in such a way to categorize as staff and students systems. These IP   addresses are updated in a separate database to monitor each system based on category wise.   RDESServer has the user interactive GUI to display various device status from remote systems.

The colors like green, red are used for identifying staff and students system respectively which of those USB drive is accessed. Also the working status of various devices such as CDs, printers, scanners is tracked in this system.

RDESServer additionally has File monitoring facility such as creations, modifications and deletions of the files from remote systems. Remote Device Explorer is an enterprise endpoint security software solution providing network administrators with the ability to secure, monitor and control computer ports and external devices as part of an information security program.

The solution protects against internal data leakages occurring when confidential data is printed or copied from internal workstations and laptops to unauthorized portable storage devices through unmanaged USB, LTP, COM, Firewire and IEEE 1394 ports.

Advantages of Proposed System :

1)    Any hardware added to the network can be monitored and controlled for access.
2)    The integrated solution for complete network monitoring and maintenance is possible.

3)    The Reports functionality enables the administrator to bring about accountability
To the network access.

4)    This proposed Remote Device Explorer System protects the internal data leakage.

5)    The device explorer system is far safer and sophisticated compared to the operating system security features.

Remote Device Explorer System ServerRemote Device Explorer System Server Admin ConsoleSOFTWARE SPECIFICATION:

Environnent : VB.NET


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