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Petrol Pump Management System Project in VB.Net with Full Project Report

November 5, 2012

Introduction to Petrol Pump Management System Project in VB.Net:

The management of the petrol pump is done by the manager manually which is a difficult process. The Project deals with the development of the computerized system for maintaining the regular records. The Project consists of various forms and developed with the help of the Visual Basic Language Programming. 

The system has a module called Operation, which consists of the details of all employee that is needed to be filled in the form. The other module called the Product Cost, which has information about the product price. The module called Staff Management, which posses all information about the staff like address, phone number, joining date, permanent address. The other module called the Report, for maintaining the data in a database. The Report Form module has several sub reports of details like Regular details, Shift delivery report, pumps record, cumulative daily report, salary report. The described record forms are maintained in a database file. The system password for each module has been included to make it secure. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System has the ado connectivity for the database. This helps to work in several module at the same time. The MS- ACCESS application is used to make the database. The system design has included around 29 forms and all fundamental are combined. The forms are designed which is aimed to develop a four stage design.

  1. Data Structure
  2. Software Architecture
  3. Procedural Design
  4. Characteristics 

The design is developed in the Visual Basic and MS Access.   

The Project has several features and easy to manage.

  1. The System is user friendly.
  2. Cost effective.
  3. Back up support.
  4. Secured Data.
  5. The coding language is Visual Basic which is easy to understand.
  6. The forms are designed in MDI form.
  7. Computerized System. 

Download Petrol Pump Management System Project in VB.Net with Full Project Report .

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    Could you pls send me the complete code that you have written for this project – I have a similar assignment for my graduation (i am working on a toll booth system)


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    will u pls send me project whole project of petrol system management with circuit diagram n also courier system management.

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