Part Time Work Experience in Electrical Medium Voltage Installation

  • L.V & M.V Electrical Installation and Maintenance during 6 years Part time experiences in the level of domestic and Institutional and commercial buildings. This is one of the best way to learn about Electrical Systems.

     Work Description 

  1. Type of Wiring              :         Surface conduit wiring
  2. No. of Electrical points  :         100 points

      3. Service Mains                 :         UG Cable services, 3 Phase 4 Wire                                                                                        440V/230V/50HzAC     Distribution          System

  1. Lighting Load                :         3000W (3KW)
  2. Power Load                             :         5000W (5KW
  3. Total Load                     :         8000W (8KW)

all Transformers, Generators, Panel boards and HV and MV electrical installations.


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