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Paper Presentation on Data Transmission Using Multi Tasking Sockets

July 15, 2012

The main objective of  providing Data Transmission Using Multi Tasking Sockets Technical Paper Presentation is to give brief explanation of data sending between different sockets. features included in this seminar is detect the information, establish connection between sender and receiver, dropping connection if  receiver section not found. TCP and IP protocols are used to implement this java application. When we are sending the information over the internet network we can measure of 32 bit network IP address, Sub net mast address, Sender IP address and finally Receiver IP address.

Data Transmission Using Multi Tasking Sockets

Here we are going to design modules for this project. 1) we should establish a socket connection for the receiver server to connect with client section. 2) We can transmit information from source to destination. 3) Going to analyse and find unknown information sent.

Download Paper Presentation on Data Transmission Using Multi Tasking Sockets

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